Neloy 2

Neloy Bandyopadhyay is a fine art Photographer who tries to reflect the beauty of mother earth through the viewfinders. Neloy loves travels in search of the hidden nature and brings those moments captured in digital forms of photography.

Neloy uses Canon systems as his Photographic equipments.

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  1. Clinton Butler

    I’ve had adventures and excitement of my own in this life and captured what I’m blessed to have before me. But today, looking at this at, Neloy has humbled me with would beauty and captured it so majestically.

    Wonderful art.

    • Aandiniee

      Thanks for sharing. This is such good advcie. I hate when authors wait to the end of the book and then dump a whole backstory that seems to come from no where on you. It never seems to work out.

  2. Vio

    - I am interested in this story. I lived on the isnald2003-2007 in Abraao, Bananal and Saco de Seu. I had an adventure spa on the isnald and we used to hike theisland daily. I have travelled around the entire isnald and havekayaked around most of it.I know Paes, he is in one of your pictures and we used to usehim as a guide.I had never heard of the monkey story. I did hear a story of agerman that brought alligaters and panthers on the isnald inthe 60s.I am writing a book right now on my experiences on the isnald.Feel free to contact me

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